Friday, February 18, 2011

Shoe Love & Thrifting

Okay, so here is the blog I wanted to write yesterday, but didn't have the time to compile.

I had the opportunity to hang out with my friend from Daisy Petals yesterday. I'm sure you all know how hard it can be to find time to just hang out with your friends between work, and life in general. I add wedding planning into that mix, and have even less free time. So, this was much needed and appreciated. We chose to spend our afternoon checking out some local vintage/antique/thrift shop type of places. We were quite overwhelmed at our finds. Who knew all this amazing stuff was out there? 

I will start with shoe love before ending with the more random compilation of pictures from the day.
I have such a love for shoes, and I always find heels that I ADORE but can't wear. I know many people say they can't wear heels because they just can't walk in them. There is that for me, but beyond that, I physically can't (or am not supposed) because of a Spondylolisthesis diagnosis. I have a bad enough pelvic tilt on my own that I definitely don't need any more of a tilt from heels. Hah! But anyways, here's some shoes for the other shoe lovers to enjoy :)
<3 all three of these. Especially the pink and black ones.
So cute. Too expensive for me. This was at an actual botique
Different but pretty awesome! *photo from DaisyJo*
ADORABLE. and not my size.
They had these in multiple colors.
* Shoe note: I actually went back to the thrift store today (twice actually, they were closed the 1st time I went) for the black and pink heels pictured in the 1st pic, I figured since I wouldn't be doing a lot of walking in them, I could wear them for my upcoming bridal shower. They were gone. It was quite upsetting, however, they obviously weren't meant for me. While I was there, I went ahead and bought the other pair of pink shoes I liked (the last ones pictured, with the holes and bow) for back up for the bridal shower. If I wear them, cool, if not, at least it was only $10. Not too bad for adorable shoes.

Here's some of the other pictures I took from the day.

three dresses that I adored
Display of shoes... and other randoms
Marilyn Monroe?
TONS of Owl stuff
Sparkly display of silver shoes mostly
<3 the wipe your paws leash hanger
This is LilyMae. She was free roaming and very playful
Raspberry walls. So pretty
Artsy wall. Simply stunning.
Raggedy Ann & Andy
Funny. I had been looking for veils, and voila!
This is Waldo. He scared me and my friend pretty bad. We thought we were alone upstairs until he SCREEECHED!
Wall of quotes
More sayings.

and a few pictures from my friend's POV. :)

Organized Chaos
Beautiful display of all things pink
Dressing room area
Ceiling of a dressing room
Organized glass.

That's all for now. Can't wait to do it again.

On a side note, my fiance and I finished our premarital counseling AND got our marriage license today. Eek! Less than two months now. <3


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