Tuesday, February 8, 2011

What wears me out & DIY Pom

I am participating in Mandy's Project 31 idea based off of Proverbs 31. If you are not sure what exactly Project 31 is, check it out by clicking HERE. The best part is you can join in at ANY time. All of us girls starting blogging the Project 31 at a different date and we all keep our own pace, you don't have to commit to blogging every day.

Today I am on day 12: What wears you out as a woman?
I would definitely say the fact that I can never get my mind to stop going a million miles an hour. Before I am even done with one thing I am already (in my mind) moving on to the NEXT thing I can take care of. I have a hard time relaxing, and even falling asleep sometimes as my mind wanders on everything I can get done the next day. This is emotionally exhausting. I know that. I want to take better control of my mind, and learn some relaxation techniques. It always baffles me how men can sit around for hours and think about NOTHING. My fiance and I can be driving and of course my mind is going a mile a minute with "what do we need to do when we get there, what should we do for lunch or dinner, what do I have to do tomorrow" and I will look over at my fiance and say "whatcha thinking about?" and his reply will be a simple "nothing. you should try it sometime" AH, so jealous! I want to get to that. But yeah, I would definitely say the thing that wears me out the most as a woman is actually all in my mind. I need to stop wanting to make sure everything is taken care of and perfect and just live! It will all work out in the end anyways, regardless of whether I get it done at the exact time I wanted to get it done in my head. LOL.

Now for the DIY project from me, the NON DIY Queen. I am learning more and more though so that excites me :) This past week my room mate and I learned how to make paper pops. That was quite interesting but I'm sure practice will make perfect. Here's is what we did though:

You will need:
Tissue Paper
Wire Cutters (Scissors will work)
Floral Wire

A packet of 8 sheets of 20"X25" will make the following:
Large Flowers = 16 per pack
Small Flowers = 32 per pack
Mini Pom Poms = 8 per pack
Small Pom Poms = 2 per pack
Medium Pom Poms = 1 per pack
Large Pom Poms = 1 per pack

special note: you will have enough paper left over from the medium poms to make mini poms or flowers.

I will show you what we did to make a medium pom and a flower.

For medium poms you start with a full pack of tissue paper, and cut off 6" from the end (length wise), you can use the rest for flowers as I did.

You want to fold the paper back and forth, like you are making an accordion fan, with sections about 1" thick. So, you would fold your 1st 1" section, flip it over, and repeat, until the entire thing has been folded like an accordion.

Once you have the entire pack folded accordion like, cut each end to your preference (rounded or pointy). I did rounded when I made mine.

Then take your stack and fold in half to find center, and in the center on each side, cut two little triangle wedges (this will help you when it comes to folding the "petals" outward).

Wrap your floral wire (5-6") around the center, where the notches are. You can twist it like a bread tie.

The last part is folding. If you are making a flower it doesn't matter if you do one side first, or rotate back and forth, but if you are doing a pom, you want it to be even so you want to fold out one side and then rotate to the other. When you have it all puffed out, you can string some fishing line or wire through it and hang as decorations. :)

This is what I ended up with. The medium is pretty big!

And here's the flower I made with leftover paper

Cute. Cheap. Simple.

Enjoy the day!


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