Thursday, April 7, 2011

Bachelorette Recap

Bridal Shower? Check.
Bachelorette Party? Check.

Things are really starting to wind down on the wedding home front. 10 short days away. It's hard to believe that in 10 days I will be an ol' married woman. Time is flying by and I can't wait. Things are falling into place, and I just know the wedding is going to be so memorable and beautiful. I know it will turn out just perfect. And before we know it, the wedding will be over. But, the memories, and photography will last a lifetime.

This past weekend I went out with 7 of my girlfriends in celebration of my upcoming wedding. Bacheloretting it up. We had a blast. One of my girlfriends got her mother's SUV that could fit us all in it, and drove those of us that were staying the night out there. We started the night out at Channelside and rode the trolley (very anti drinking and driving!) to Ybor City where we went to Coyote Ugly (yes, like the movie) and Prana. Quite the experiences. I'd been to Coyote Ugly before, but not Prana. About 5 of our group of 8 got up on the bar and danced at Coyote Ugly. It took a lot of begging for me to get up there. They kept trying to convince me to get up there because if the ladies dance on the bar, they get free shots. Well, when I go out dancing, I'm not going out to get wasted or drunk, so that was not a draw for me. In the end, my friends were having fun up there, so after much prodding, I joined them :) We had our fun there, and then went on to Prana. Prana is a 5 story club. We ventured through each story. Here is what we learned:
1st story - bottom level bar. Way too smokey. Hard to breathe
2nd story - no main floor, kinda a balcony overlooking the 1st floor. Not a lot of room to dance
3rd floor - FAVORITE floor. Very plush. Very relaxing. If you get there early enough you can grab a good area for you and your friends. Not smokey. Roomy.
4th floor - ENTER AT YOUR OWN RISK. Latino level. So crowded the minute we walked in we were separated. The guys on that level are very gutsy. We will skip that level next time.
5th floor - The roof. Ah, the roof. It felt nice out there. And you get a nice starry view of the city :)
We made sure to get back on the trolley before the last rounds, and made it back to our room safe and sound and ready for some ZZZ's.

Here's a few (well maybe more than a few) pictures from the night
MOH wavin' my hair :)

@ the hotel

Posin' with our service men. Thanks guys!

Right Before Dinner
Coyote Ugly
They got me on the bar
Double Trouble. My name twin!
Trying to read the trolley schedule
And we made it on the trolley. Goodnight!
Bride to be. So Excited <3


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