Saturday, April 9, 2011

1636 - and counting

Well, hello 1600 views.

Currently I am at 1636 hits. I had planned to do a blog about 1500 hits, when I hit it, but I've been pretty busy, you know, with all this wedding stuff and all :) So, 1500 came and went. I still don't know where all these views come from. I say all these like it's a huge number, but I know some bloggers get 1600 hits a day :D But, for ME, 1600 is a HUGE number. And I just wanna say thank you to all my readers, whether you are a sporadic reader, or a regular. I am honored you enjoy my little ol' blog.

I hope if you haven't already left me a comment or two to let me know you are reading and enjoying my blog, that you will do so. I'd love to know who my regular readers are.

As of now, according to the blogger statistics, my most popular blogs to date are as follows:

Project 365 :) - 01-01-2011 I actually think this is thanks to google. Haha. It appears many people have googled Butterfly Blessings looking for the Walmart set that I have, and found my blog through it.

The Story of Yellow Butterfly <3 11-09-2010 A blog dedicated to my late mother. May she rest in peace. I love you mommy! <3

Missed a day (it was bound to happen) 11-20-2010

Inspired Beauty - AF & SH 1-29-2011 A blog dedicated to two beautiful women in my life that inspire me. AF & SH :)

From one inspiration to another. Project 31. Day 27 Another blog about two beautiful women in my life, CB & CD. :)

I figure I will sporadically check in to say THANK YOU to all my readers :) and update my top 5 blogs, to see how often they change.

On another note, in 4 minutes I will officially be ONE WEEK away from being a married woman. I'm going to sleep on that note. Goodnight World <3