Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Wedding Bells Rang.

On April 17th, 2011, Wedding Bells rang in Lake Alfred, Florida.

I have SO much to blog about, yet not a lot of time to blog, which saddens me. I must give adequate warning that over the next month or so there will (very) likely be TONS of blogging going on about my wedding and upcoming honeymoon. I'm sorry, I am a sentimental photo freak. So, I will apologize in advance if that kinda stuff bores you. BUT, remember, I warned you.

Tonight I wanted to do a quick blog, as it's been a few days, and just let everyone know mission wedding has been completed. No more planning. It's done and over with, and, it flew by THAT fast. The whole day is a blur to me. I am so very blessed to have so many photos coming in from various friends, because just like everyone told me it would, it was over before I even knew it. I must say, my wedding day was perfect down to the smallest details. I truly felt blessings ALL AROUND ME. I had my best friends there. I had tons of family and other loved ones with me. I even had a touch of Heaven with me, as the VERY FIRST thing I saw upon getting out of my car and walking up to the venue was none other than a single Butterfly fluttering around the front door. That my friends, is God at work. At that moment, I knew my mother was right there with me, and that everything was going to be okay. And it was, it was more than okay, I can truly say that my wedding day was perfect. I will leave you with a few photo's that have came in so far from friends. Can't wait until I see all my photographers work. I just know it will be fabulous. Her work always is.
My father walking me down <3

Under the arch :)
WE DID IT! Big Smiles :)
Bridal Party. Best friends.

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  1. I had tears w/ the butterfly... you are so right.. God's work.