Monday, April 11, 2011

Wedding Week Countdown - Monday

Oh My! I left around 9am this morning and returned home at 5pm. Wedding planning could very well be a full time job (well, technically it is for some people). Here is my day in asterics.

* Left the house a little after 9am to make a veterinarian appointment in Polk City for a recheck on Tanner's right rear leg. He had a surgery to repair a torn cruciate ligament on 2-10-11 and today was his 2 month check up. The Doc says he is free and clear. Doesn't have to stay in a crate at all, and can run and jump and do as his little heart pleases. He has also LOST 2 more pounds since the surgery which is AWESOME considering he hasn't been walking much. So, he's down from 20lbs to a little over 13. Go Tanner Go!

* Brought Tanner home, grabbed a quick breakfast, toast with jelly, and headed out again.

* Drove to the Southside and went to my rental place, to finalize all rentals for this weekend.

* Went to Michaels Arts and Crafts TWO times today.

* Swung by a dollar store.

* Made a Target trip.

* Went to the gym. I had to squeeze in a workout. My muscles have been VERY tight lately, and I can tell the difference when I don't work out like I should. I truly don't work out to "lose weight" I do it because with my Spondylolisthesis and Scoliosis, I feel a huge difference in my body when I do so.

 * Made a Walmart trip.

* FINALLY made it home a little after 5pm.

I was done. I just wanted to take a shower, make dinner (well, I didn't really want to MAKE it, but I did want food) and relax. One of my best friends called to see if I wanted to go shoe shopping with her as she still needs to find shoes for my wedding on Sunday. I felt horrible because normally I am ALWAYS game for whatever, especially a SHOPPING trip, but I was pooped. I had to turn her down, and continue on my quest of finding PJ's and not leaving the house.

And that's what I did. I watched some episodes of Gossip Girl that I'd already seen with my roomie (she hadn't seen them yet) and worked on a DIY project I needed to finish before Thursday. I finished it tonight. YAY!

Now for tomorrow.... Looks as if it's shaping up to be just as busy as today.

I must work out to get rid of this stiffness, as well as a Chiropractor visit. I also need to go to a local print shop here and see if they can laminate my wedding invite. I'd like to take it out to my mothers grave site and leave it there without worrying about rain destroying it. I also need to clean the house tomorrow as well as make another Michaels run. Oh, and I've been invited by my friend over at DaisyPetals  to make a mall run with her to a nearby mall (about 40 minutes away) that we don't go to often. And I need something from that mall. SO, as much as I don't think I should go, as I don't wanna be in a rushy panic mode tomorrow, at the same time I wanna go so I can hang out with her (we don't get to hang out as often as we'd like) and I wanna grab the things I need from said mall. I told her I'd text her by 9am and let her know how I am feeling. If my back and neck is still this stiff then my morning will consist of a 3 mile walk to warm up my muscles followed by a visit to the chiro.

I am told to enjoy this week as it will fly by, and before I know it, it will be NEXT Monday, and the wedding will have came and went.

I am excited regardless. 


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