Tuesday, May 10, 2011


.Back In The Saddle Again.

Urban Definition?
Back to work, or whatever you are supposed to be doing. When you are back to doing what you do best, or when you are back from a long trip.

A coworker of mine used the term on Sunday, and I had to use it today as that is exactly how I've been feeling this week.

You see, I work in a call center that performs market research (we call people and conduct surveys). My schedule is not set at all, as work load depends on how many jobs we have running on any particular night. I DO have set DAYS of the week that I am SCHEDULED to work, and likewise, days that I am scheduled OFF. However, as I said about, our work load depends on what we have running. There are times when NOTHING might run on a day I am scheduled, therefore, I lose out on that day and hours completely, so if I wanted to make it up, I'd need to go into work on one of my days off. We can never predict when there will or won't be work, and sometimes shift may be canceled for weeks at a time. This is definitely not the job for someone that relies solely on their own income, BUT, for me, it works. There are weeks when I work 60 hours, and weeks when I work 10. 

Here lately, I had been averaging about 25-30 hours a week, and even LESS in April, as I took many days off to prepare and recover from all the wedding festivities. Not that any of that mattered anyways, because while I had requested the time off previously, it ended up there really wasn't much work in April, and most peoples shifts were canceled.

Anyways, Sunday was my first day back at work after my honeymoon and that's where the back in the saddle again came from. I quite frankly was thrown back in the saddle again, and they weren't kidding, I had 6 jobs running on Sunday when I usually have 1 or 2. Monday was even better, we ran 15 jobs, and 14 today. I went from working anywhere from 3-6 hours a night to 12-14 hours. WOO! 

Many of us prayed for more hours, and it's here. Political season is upon us - we do lots of political research, so we get extremely busy as politics flair up, and it's about that time. Next year is election year.

So yeah, I only got about 5 hours sleep last night, so it's about time to hit the sack.

Urban Definition?
to go to bed, go to sleep.


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