Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A child hood dream lost... thankfully.

Last night I was watching some old school early 1980's wrestling with my dad, and it reminded me of my childhood dream.... to be a wrestling manager. No, seriously, you can giggle, but that was my aspiration as a young girl. I wanted to be a wrestling manager, just like Sunny, Miss Elizabeth and Woman.

Miss Elizabeth

Woman & Liz
 Yup, I was a strange little girl, BUT, that was my dream. We ALL dream, right?

Sadly, Miss Elizabeth and Woman are no longer with us. Likely due to their part in the wrestling world. Miss Elizabeth had a drug over dose, and Woman was actually murdered in a murder suicide from former WCW/WWF/WWE wrestler Chris Benoit. How tragic. :(

I am very very happy my childhood dream did NOT come true. I'm much happier where I am at.


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  1. I think all us girls who grew up watching wrestling with the Pops might have wanted that dream. lol