Sunday, May 15, 2011

Sniffley Sunday.

What I thought was a severe case of allergies yesterday appears to actually be a cold. This is not good on so many levels:

1. I am a huge baby when I get sick
2. When I have head colds, I get really off balance as I already have horrible coordination from back and neck problems, but when my ears are popping, and my head is all stuffy, it's worse.
3. When I get sick, I get sick. I spent the ENTIRE month of July 2010 SICK. Literally, no joke, from July 1st, through the end of the month, with the lingering cough going on through part of August as it moved to my chest and effected my asthma.

So yeah, I am really hoping this is just a small cold, and that I will bounce back and be feeling better in no time. I'm sure my immunity got down last week due to lack of sleep as I actually worked some overtime (usually I am lucky to get 25-30 hours a week). As for today, I am vitamin-C-n up, and about to eat an Edy Antioxidant Popsicle. They are a new addiction that I buy with each grocery trip.

On a side note, me and some girlfriends saw Something Borrowed last night. I am a huge Kate Hudson fan so any new movie with her is a must see. It didn't disappoint. Kate's character was a bit annoying, but I still enjoyed the movie, and the time with my friends, AND it was a chick flick and I didn't cry. That's surprising! Actually wait, there was a moment that I teared up. But not a full out cry fest.

Welp, I've got four small dogs pawing at my feet, and I am going to relax and catch up on biggest loser. Here's to a happy Monday for each and every one of you tomorrow.


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