Saturday, May 14, 2011

Supporting Zoe, Late Mother's Day & Birthday, & Saturday

I wanted to write yesterday, but the day just escaped me, so I will just have a sporadic blog today, with a variety of topics.

Thursday night J & S came over, as planned to watch Gossip Girl. I think we squeezed in three episodes (and are still way far behind) we just aren't as in to it as we used to be, as S said "it's the same ol' drama, just in a new way, in a new episode", but we still put along. Trying to finish out this season, with hope that it will pick up. In the mean time, we are on the look out for a new show we can all watch. Before the girls got there, I made a run up to our local mall as the Chick-Fil-A there was holding a fundraising event for Praying for Zoe. Zoe is the little sister of one of my friends. She lost part of her leg in a jet ski accident on April 24th. As you can imagine, this young (8th grade) athlete has had her world turned upside down, and we are all standing beside her, raising community support to help raise money for her hospital stay (she is still in the hospital) and all her surgeries. There will be plenty more events to come, so you will most likely be hearing more. The tremendous amount of community support has been mind blowing. It truly is a blessing. Raising awareness for this kind of stuff is my passion, and it brings me such joy to see the outpouring of support this family is receiving.
Create a Card station for Zoe

On Friday we had plans for me to cook dinner (Chili & Cornbread) and take it over to my in-laws house in (late) celebration of mother's day, and my father's birthday. My husband and I both worked on mother's day, and the birthday, so we wanted to all get together to celebrate. My cornbread was quite interesting as I had never made it from scratch before, but attempted it, using my new recipe from The Pioneer Woman Cooks. Well, embarrassingly enough, I wasn't sure what an iron skillet was, and the recipe called for me to cook the cornbread in an iron skillet for one minute, and transfer it to the oven for 20 minutes. Since I really had no clue, I attempted to cook in my regular skillet, then transfer (because I knew I shouldn't put my regular skillet in the oven) well let's just say where it had already cooked on the bottom, it was nice and brown, so when  transferred it, I had mushy still, with chunks of brown. So, let's just say it wasn't aesthetically pleasing but still was pleasing to the taste buds :D I just warned everyone why it looked funky. Hey, you live and learn, right? Now I know I need to invest in an iron skillet.

Today was another "dur" moment. Sometimes I tend to get so busy with one thing, I will forget to do something else, just like that. Happened today. In my defense, I was running on little sleep. I ran R up to the dealership to drop his truck off, came home, the plan was to change clothes, and run to the gym and squeeze in a workout. I ran inside, got busy doing something, left for the gym, got to the gym, was grabbing my towel and IPOD when I looked down and realized I was still in my regular shorts. "Darn" I thought, followed by "it's okay, I can make it work, at least it's not jeans" then my eyes went further south. Yup, definitely didn't change into my tennis shoes. And really wasn't feeling like taking a jog in flip flops, so defeated, I got in my car, called R, told him of my stupid moment, and headed home. At that point I just decided I'd work out from home (Brighthouse has channel 353, exercise on demand) and I did. At least I was able to squeeze a workout in!
Not the best workout gear

Now I am getting ready for a quiet little girls night out. Me and a few friends are going to grab a bite to eat, followed by a chick flick. Ah, love these kind of nights.

Have a great weekend everyone. I hope you do something fun :)


PS - I received a cd full of photo's from my photographer last night, SO, expect a photo-filled blog. SOON.

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