Sunday, June 5, 2011

8 weeks to a better me: Week 6, Home sweet Home

This is my 2nd week joining in with 8 Weeks to a better me over at Sometimes Sweet. I'll give you a quick recap of how I did with last weeks goals before moving on to this week. Last week was loving life and having fun and my goals were: take time to enjoy the small things more, not to say one negative thing about anyone, and do myself up more  (ie, makeup). I did okay with my goals. The first was easy, and I tackled that... I enjoyed some cloud watching this week. The second I could have done better on. Saddens me to say that, but we all battle keeping our negative thoughts to ourselves at some point. Third one I did half the week, the days I went to work I wore make-up. And I enjoyed it. I feel prettier when I wear it BUT my problem is I am quite lazy and don't take the time to do it on a regular basis, mostly special occasions.

This weeks topic is home sweet home and how to make a house a home. You should definitely head over and check out Danielle's guest blogger on this topics post. I found it really inspiring. She made a lot of really good points. I am excited to tackle some of my goals this week, as I am NOT at all a fan of clutter, however it always seems to find it's way into my house. Maybe because I live with my husband and two other people? Anyways, let's get to this weeks goals:

1. One of the tips Mandi gave us was to not keep anything we didn't love. I have already started to tackle this with my closet, but I have so much more I need to go through. I've kept a lot of random things from over the years, especially high school years, and they really have no function anymore. Do I need them, or will I ever need them again? Probably not, so I will continue to rifle through all my stored away stuff and get rid of more and more things I don't need. My junk is surely another woman's treasures. :)

2. Another tip was to tackle one project at a time as if you do much more than that, you will overwhelm yourself. SO, my job this week is to tackle my computer desk. Papers are constantly thrown up here. It's so disorganized. It's kind of organized chaos I guess you would say.

3. Organize my crafty stuff. I have high hopes of creating some wonderful scrapbooks from my recent wedding. I have stuff strewn everywhere at this moment though, and if I leave it that way, there's a very good chance it will stay that way and never get done. So, this week I will gather all my scrapbooking stuff together, in a more organized effort, and slowly get started with my wedding scrapbook. :) I also have a friendship scrapbook in the works.

Here's to a great week everyone! Good luck with your goals!



  1. I'm the same way about clutter! I hate but it always finds a way to creep in.

    I love your goals. Good luck to both of us in completing them!


  2. Thanks Danielle. Same to you! It's ridiculous how easy clutter sets in. Ugh! So far so good this week with the goals.