Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Mileage for thought.

Sometimes I really do wonder if the odometer on my car might not be tracking properly.

Here's my reasoning - me and two of my girlfriends all happened to get our new cars in October of 2005.

When S got her car, it had 6,700 miles on it. It currently has 111,574 miles on it. Two trips to Miami is the farthest her car has seen, and of course, being in Florida, random beach trips here and there. She also drives 40ish miles to and from work 5 days a week. To me, I'd think she's driven MORE than me simply because of her daily commute to and from work.

When H got her car it had 15 miles on it. It currently has 84,855. Now, THIS is what blows my mind. Waaaait for itttttt. H went to college in Pensacola and has driven her baby to and from PCola numerous times, driven from PCola to Ohio, then Ohio to Lakeland, and once from Lakeland to Kentucky, then back to PCola. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! That to me is  A LOT of driving.

Then you have my blue mobile. It had 2 miles on it when I bought it. Currently has 110,000. HELLO! That's 25,000 MORE miles than my friend who has driven to various states with her car. My car has NEVER left the state of Florida. My commute to work is LESS than S's 40 miles a day, plus I work less days a week than her. The farthest my car has seen was a Miami trip as well. I have taken my car on many a beach trip, as well as commuting back and forth to Orlando and Tampa  a lot when my cousin was in the hospital numerous times between 2007-current. I do a lot of INNER city driving, between the North and South side of our town, which I guess truly does add up. It just seems so off to me.

But anyways, yeah, there's your mileage for thought today. :D


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