Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Shopping Trip Observations

 HI FRIENDS! I had to show off my shirt I found at my own yardsale over the weekend. It formerly belonged to my friend J :)

I just came back from Walmart, and as always am a little annoyed. Shopping at Publix is so much more pleasurable. I guess that's why their slogan is "where shopping IS a pleasure". Anyways, back to Walmart. My Walmart has been undergoing some MAJOR renovations over the last two months. Enough so that I had to avoid it some weeks. The entire store was tore apart and rearranged. When I went back today, everything is MUCH better, though since a lot of stuff got moved, I am now lost as I look for "regular" items that I buy there. For the most part, I got out of their unscathed. I found everything I needed.

Though going inside I was a bit annoyed as I watched people driving around aimlessly looking for a closer parking spot. Seriously people? Unless you have a health issue or disability that prevents you from walking, I don't think it's going to hurt you to park 5 spots farther back. I can almost bet that it will actually help you. A little cardio friends. :P

Then, leaving, I was even more dismayed to find that someone had left TWO carts in the parking spot with my car. What blows my mind is I was parked literally two spots from a return area. It was my car, then another car, then the cart return area. REALLY?! I mean really!? Don't leave your cart next to a car where it could potentially scratch or dent the car, just walk it two spaces over. Again, this excludes those limited by health or disability but what's crazy is I will see someone with an oxygen tank and a cane return a cart before I will see a twenty something that's in a hurry return one. Unbelievable, I know!  I understand that we all most of us over book ourselves and are in a constant rush from activity to activity, however it's the small things that that add up and make changes. Just take that extra moment to return your cart. :)

But anyways, that's enough of my walmart observations. Let me just say how thrilled I am that I finally got a bit of grocery shopping out of the way, so I shouldn't have to eat out at all this weekend. Here's to home cooked meals.

Speaking of, I made shrimp fettuccine alfredo yesterday. It was DELISH! I also made some squash on the side. Mhm good! And no garlic bread! I figured the pasta was more than enough. And I've been having fresh home made salads for lunch this week. I feel SO much better!!

Reminder: It's almost Friday again! Time for Fabulous Friday! I just took over running it for Laura over at Between the Lines. Read the basis of it HERE with my first post from last friday. I only had two people link up last week and am hoping more of you will participate and get the word out this week. Come on, we all have something fabulous going on, right? :)

4Paws4Love note: I added a blog entry to my pet blog today: Cool Down Doggie Leash