Thursday, June 16, 2011

No foot is too small to leave an imprint on the world.

I love the blogging community. We don't even personally know each other, yet we do. We inspire each other. We lift each other up. We help in any way we can.

Yesterday, as I made my daily visit to Mandy @ She Breathes Deeply, I was humbled as I read her blog. She posted about a blog she'd recently found, that had her in tears. Upon going to the blog, and reading what was going on, I was left in tears as well. And realizing that anything that had went wrong in my day, was so miniscule compared to what this family was going through. You can read about their story by clicking:


On Saturday June 4th, Carey & her husband Jeremy lost their precious baby boys at 22 weeks. Their story is an amazing testimony of God's amazing grace. They have blogged a few blogs since then, and they aren't angry at the world, or God. They are in mourning, grieving, as any parent would be, yes, BUT, they also have a sense of peace. A peace that only comes by knowing our Savior Jesus Christ. They understand that, thought it's hard to comprehend now, this was God's will for their sweet little family. I have so much admiration for this family, and how they are handling their loss.

Also, a very close friend of mines cousin and her cousins husband (I will call them S&A in an effort to protect their privacy) lost their first born girl this past Sunday, at 22 weeks as well. This young couple is another amazing testimony of God's grace. The mother wrote this poem and it was shared with me:
Made in God's image, made of hope and love,
A priceless treasure, lent from Heav'n above
Rejoicing now before God's holy throne
Gone from our arms, we gave Him back his own.
Alive you were our own sweet dream come true
Remembered now with tears that flow anew
Each feeble breath hard-fought, you did your best.
Too soon, the tiny body needed rest.

My babe, you had your daddy's hands and feet
And on your head a fuzz of golden hair
Resiliant and stubborn, yet so sweet
Your heartbeat showed you knew our voices there

Farewell, dear child, we'll see you by and by
In Jesus' presence, where no one will cry
Eternal peace is yours, free from life's pain
Loss to your parents, but for you a gain
Dear Pearl of Sorrow, treasure in the sky.
 **Notice the first letter of each line spells out their precious baby girls name**
I am not a parent yet,  but I can't even fathom what these two young families are going through. The power of prayer is a powerful thing. I ask that you take a few moments over the following weeks and just pray for these families. Pray that they continue to take comfort in one another. Pray that they also take time to be by themselves and mourn. Pray that they continue to seek God through it all. Pray for emotional and physical healing. Just pray.

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  1. Thank you for all of your loving prayer and support. <3