Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Obsersavtions from a Lab

A blood laboratory that is.

I'd much rather have done a post on observations OF a lab, say my late beautiful Lab, Andy. May his sweet soul rest in peace. Over the rainbow bridge.
But no, today's post is about my experience having blood work done, just a few short hours ago. I get a yearly CBC (complete blood count) done, and you should too. You see, a dear friend of mine was diagnosed with Leukemia in April 2007, and ever since then, per her advice, I've wanted to get my blood checked yearly just to make sure everything is reading the way it should be reading. If you have platelets off, or red or white blood cells way off, it's definitely better to be proactive and find out sooner, than wait until you get sick. I've been having my yearly blood work done since 2007, and I've had to monitor my cholesterol. It's been on the higher end. So far I haven't needed medication, and pray that I won't, but it's definitely had it's ups and downs. I'm hoping it's went down from last year, BUT they way I've been eating, I'm not so sure. And of course. there is no one to blame for that but myself.
Anyways, back to the lab. I've dreaded this day every since I went in last week and was giving my info to get my blood work done within 7 days. I had to fast, so I didn't eat for 12 hours. I semi panic when it's time for blood work because it's such a fiasco with me. It's not as easy as just sitting down and BAM it's done. I have horrible veins. The ones in my arm are nice and big, but also jumpers or rollers. the minute they think they've found "the one" they stick me, and ADIOS! The vein has disappeared. The arm NEVER works for me. They always end up having to use the tiniest needle, and the top of my hand. Now, if they would just listen  to me when I tell them this, they'd probably save themselves a lot of time. However, some times they still want to try the arm first, just to see if they can get it. And guess what? 9 times of of 10 it doesn't work, and I am left getting stuck multiple times in the arm, bruised, only to be told "you are right! looks like we will have to go from the hand!" HELLO! I told you that. Please, listen. 
Today when I went back, four patients were called at once. Two elderly, and myself and another young woman, whom I'd say looked to be a teenager or very young woman. They did the two older women first, and WOW they were in and out. They gave blood like champs. I was sitting there thinking, wait til they get to me, they've got their work cut out for them. Next they started working on me and the other young woman. Apparently she has a harder time than me. They got the blood out of her, however, her face turned greenish blue, and she looked like she was going to pass out. They even had to lay her head down, and then pull up another chair so they could lay her in it to get blood flowing back up to her head. Scary! I told the lady who was working on me "Okay, she is NOT a good influence, hah, I'm going to just look away" I did not want to pass out! I was already getting fidgety. 
I am thankful that my technician listened to me, so I walked out with only one band-aide, and it was on my hand. 

It just left me wondering.... How did those elderly women do it so easily? and us two younger woman totally tank? 

On the bright side, after leaving, I was famished and treated myself to a hearty breakfast at a local diner. Nothing better than breakfast for $3. And it wasn't fast food!


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