Thursday, June 9, 2011

Wedding Pics - Portraits & Bridal Party

WARNING: Photo Heavy Blog

Okay, Okay.... after almost a month, I'm back with some more wedding pics :) Sorry for the delay! As most of you know, I am breaking my wedding photography into parts as to not completely flood my blog at once with photo's. Today is the 2nd installment: pre ceremony, group shots of the bridesmaids and grooms men. The poor groom was locked in a windowless kitchen for over an hour while the bride and her 'maids were out and about frolicking for photo's. He didn't seem to mind though. If you missed the first set, click here to see rings, flowers, dress and getting ready.

The Men

The Groom

No Nerves for him
Yawning while locked away in a windowless room
laughing - ready to get the show on the road

The Ladies

The Bride

Hope you've enjoyed. can't wait to post the ceremony :)


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